• Media Motion International focuses on building and developing brands + expert voices in the areas of sustainability, climate change, nutrition, wellness and other key arenas of emerging positive "disruption”.

  • Connection
    MMI's underlying philosophy is that it is imperative to go beyond offering excellent products and services. The goal is to create a profound connection with the audience.

  • Powerful Voices
    Most companies search for underlying currents and trends. MMI believes is possible to create strong current with the right message and a powerful voice.

  • Thought Leaders
    Media Motion International specializes in building and developing “expert” brands in the life improvement and wellness arenas. MMI focuses on establishing and growing profitable platforms for the world’s top thought leaders.


Our core mission is to build powerful voices and brands that add back to the world in a positive way. We aim to empower people with information, ideas and access.

MMI's approach to management is simple. Work with the top leaders in each field, develop compelling messages and branding, and fully nurture and build powerful media and product platforms. Every category needs a visionary leader and MMI’s experts all bring deep knowledge and vision to their respective fields. By working extensively with each client, MMI helps to hone both messages and strategy in order to achieve the greatest results—from television to book deals, from sponsorship opportunities to licensing. We believe that a community of strong voices and visionary messages produces high quality projects, pushes the boundaries of creativity and brings lasting success.


Finding the heart of a brand and building a profitable and empowered business.


Enabling talent and voices to go beyond the normal limits and create a brand and a media presence that is lasting and builds organically.


Designing partnerships and outreach to cross promote and maximize opportunities.


Creating synergistic relationships with other voices, corporations and media partners.


Igniting (and Re-Igniting) a brand from the core message.


Fast tracking brand development, products and brand extensions.


Julie Carson May

In 2005 Julie Carson May founded Media Motion International (MMI) to focus on building brands and brand extensions for talented thought leaders, experts and corporations. Her expertise is in working with talent and companies in the areas of sustainability, climate change, nutrition, wellness and other key areas of emerging positive "disruption”. MMI works closely with clients to secure profitable deals in areas including television, radio, magazines, webisode series, streaming content, licensed products and book platforms. In addition, MMI specializes in cultivating sponsorships, partnerships and marketing opportunities with leading corporations and media partners.

An honors graduate of Harvard University, Julie’s experience includes consulting with leading management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Julie also led strategic efforts for DreamWorks Interactive, the DreamWorks interactive multi-media division, where she was part of the senior executive team and focused on branding, licensing and strategic planning.


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